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Malaysia’s home-grown internet marketing agency

We Will              Rock You!
Ride The Internet Like A Highway Star
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About us
Turn your internet dreams into ‘moolah’

Imagine being able to penetrate the global market.
Imagine being able to reach thousands of potential customers in a day.
What would be the fastest, most efficient way to do this?

The internet.

It’s the digital express to leverage marketing opportunities.
We provide you the platforms.
We create your brand awareness.
We craft for you beautiful solutions.
We drive your targeted sales.

All via the internet.

We help you turn your internet business dreams into internet moolah’.
That’s exactly what we do!

moolah/ˈmuːlə/informal noun: money ~

Internet marketing re.imagined.

It is time to move forward and embrace Digital Transformation.
Let us digitalize your business.
Re-imagine. Together.

Social Marketing
Video Animation
Digital Design
App Development
e-commerce platform
Our rock-solid pillars
Make the customer 'King'
Cash is not King. The customer is. We embrace it as a mission. The purpose of a business is to create and keep a customer. We believe, a truly customer-centric company delivering great solutions is the foundation for success
Make digital effectively beautiful
Every brands we promote, every websites we build, every media we craft, must not only look beautiful, but effectively beautiful
Make services insanely affordable
The truth is, great internet marketing doesn’t need to cost the earth. Poke around the net and you’ll see, we have the most down-to-earth price offered. Budget-friendly even for the smallest pockets. Small budget but big impact. Take it from us, 'little guys' can succeed too!
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Working Projects
Our latest works
Clear Filters
Omnichannel Chatbot Platform
vCard + Whatsapp Store Maker
QCode.MY 7-In-1 QR CODE Generator
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Mrs Jayanthi Kaur
Mai Kapkek & Sweets
Part-time Homebusiness Owner

I use VKad.ME as my mini website and whatsapp shop. Thank you for making it easy for my kapkek customers to order. I am a happy camper.

Puan Zaida Kamis
Restoren Bakso Pekalongan

Senang betul nak berurusan dengan adik-beradik ni. Mereka faham betul kehendak makcik. App WasapFood yang makcik test buatkan sales kedai makan makcik lebih berbaloi banding makcik pakai Food Panda dulu. Makcik akan rekomen kawan-kawan!

Ratna Sari Kemari
Ice Boba D'Rejang

Terkejut waktu first time dapat contoh logo untuk Kedai Ice Boba saya! Kreatif haha! Pilihan warna, design dia pun ikut peredaran zaman. Ramai bertanya, “Mana buat logo? Lain daripada yang lain.” 😀

Miss Christy Ng Lee Hwa
High Lands Fresh Grocers

I got the whole package: website, ordering app and branding. I must say, they are true to their ‘crafted effectively beautiful’ slogan. Couldn’t be more satisfied!

Encik Fazlin Mustapha
Rojer2 Gerak Dulu Cafe

Tengkiu brothers kat iMoolah Network. Korang bikin menu cafe aku nampak hi-class. Professional. Tapi paling best, harga korang murah tak masuk akal haha..Semoga korang dimurahkan lagi rezeki, amiin..

What They Say
Our happy  campers 😀
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Are you ready to rock?
Let’s roll!